M28 brings together experts in business, software technology, data science and design to tackle initiatives requiring subject matter expertise across languages, technologies and cultures.

We partner and participate with teams to work through the process of strategic planning, data gathering & assessment, workflow mapping, corrective action, staffing and training. We can even help you figure out where to start.

At M28 we realize that every business is at different level of digital/technical maturity. Our strength is bringing the best services to bear for your specific situation and needs. Whether your team needs help with an existing system, or if you need guidance in stepping into a new digital space, we have the right people to meet you where you are.

We deliver Analytic & Digital Solutions to solve your critical business challenges.

Complex Systems:

The lifecycles of highly complex software and data systems are in themselves complex. M28 Global is adept at working with the stakeholders of complex software and data-intensive systems to:

  • Assess the current reality through design reviews with internal and external parties; 

  • Consult on corrective actions or alternative paths forward as required; 

  • Mediate between parties during contract disputes prior to litigation to resolve bottle-necks and move the project ahead; 

  • Troubleshoot and debug complex systems issues related to software, data or third-party integration

  • Performance tune the software, databases, networks to shorten the system response times and increase reliability

  • Refactor or redesign to increase flexibility for language or cultural localization

  • Review and improve the User Experience (UX) employing User Centered Design principles 

  • Reverse-engineer software and data systems which were delivered or abandoned without sufficient documentation or cross-training

  • In extreme circumstances, rearchitect systems for scalability, flexibility, reliability or security where the original design and implementation is functional but fails to address some of these key requirements

    ( Download the white paper here )

Digital Solutions:

Whether we are adding on to an existing system, or working with you to create a new digital product, our team is prepared to come alongside and provide the needed expertise to see success.  

  • Mobile Applications

  • Integrated Web Platforms

  • API Creating & Integration

  • UI/ UX design

  • Digital Product Planning

Approachable Analytics: 

We utilize off the shelf Business Intelligence packages to develop a customized and approachable Analytics platform that enable client organization to measure and manage their corporate information. 

  • Big Data, Database Management Systems

  • Analytics, Dashboard, Reporting

  • Data Mining, Predictive Analytics

Business Groups we Engage With:

  • Product Development

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Supply Chain

  • Finance

  • Manufacturing

  • Human Resources


  • High-Tech Manufacturing

  • Health Care

  • Non-Profit

  • Retail

  • Energy/ Green Energy